The World Stage



4344 Degnan Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008
ph. 323-293-2451
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Feb13 Saturday Jazz \/\/orkshop · Billy Mccoy
Feb20 Saturday Jazz \/\/orkshop · Billy Mccoy
Feb27 Saturday Jazz \/\/orkshop · Billy Mccoy
Mar05 Saturday Jazz \/\/orkshop · Billy Mccoy


Founded as a collaborative art work in progress by Billy Higgins and Kamau Daaood, The World Stage has grown into a sacred space. Here, jazz occupies an important position within the fabric of the community, and a jazz driven cultural revolution continues to unfold around The World Stage. From Sunday to Thursday, $5 gets you into workshops that run like informal jam sessions. On a recent Sunday night, women served dinner from the kitchen. Mondays still belong to drummers, that session formerly run by Higgins. Tuesdays belong to vocalists, and Wednesdays the Anansi Writers' Workshop convenes.

~ Rex Butters

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