SoCal/L.A. VOCAL COLLECTIVE & Meetup at Dolores Petersen Presents @ Gardenia

DojO- uploaded this event on May 4, 2014


Dolores Petersen Presents @ Gardenia
Aka The Gardenia Supper Club Restaurant & Lounge
West Hollywood, CA


Wed, May 14, 2014
9:00 pm



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1st V.C. & Meetup @ Gardenia (5/13/14 12:00pm)

Event Theme: "Songs From: Hollywood Movies"

"THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR VOCALISTS TO MEETUP WITH OTHER MUSICIANS (both instrumentalists as well as vocalists) and perform infront of an audience....hone in on your skills, and woodshed* for the purpose of your craft. +++Slang. to practice a musical instrument assiduously and with a specific goal in mind: He's woodshedding* for next week's show.Members+++ Please come and support your fellow members tomorrow, Wednesday, May 14th 9PM at the Gardenia. AND let me know if you'd like to be featured in special projects coming up. There's an outdoor Music Festival coming up in June that I'm supporting with a friend.... big time party crowd.for the summer." - "D"...

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