Steve Gadd Band at Catalina Bar & Grill

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Catalina Bar & Grill
6725 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA


Sat, February 1, 2020
8:30 pm



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Is Steve Gadd the most influential drummer of all time? Could be.Along with Ringo Starr (with whom hes played alongside andcounts as a friend), hes one of the few sticksman whose licksand patterns have been scrutinized, emulated and downrightripped-off by millions of drummers across the globe.And with a resume that boasts sessions and tours with the likesof Chick Corea to Eric Clapton to Steely Dan to Paul McCartney toJames Taylor to Paul Simon to you-name them, hes put his indelible stamp on rock, jazz, blues, fusion and pop. If theres a form ofmusic he hasnt played, chances are it hasnt yet been invented.Every drummer wants to play like Gadd because he playsperfect, Chick Corea once said...

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